Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rudolph is coming on t.v. tonight...I remember when I was a kid and couldn't wait till the annual Christmas movies would be aired on t.v. This is one of my favorite childhood Christmas movies. There are soooo many others, I can't name them all. My hubby and I did count the amount of Christmas movies the other night....we have 26!! We still don't have all the ones I want. I find them at local consignment shops and good will. I love some bargains:)
It really feels like winter outside! I love it...mostly when I'm able to stay inside:) This morning is the 2nd day I've gotten up early with my hubby...I say early, it was 6:30 to make coffee and homemade biscuits. I usually don't get up till 7:40 and the kiddos have to be at school by 8...LOL! We're always rushing in the mornings. I'm a big least when it comes to getting out of bed!
I've been doing some reading in Phillipians the last few days. I know what an amazing God we have...but I'm still amazed when I'm reading His word and realize He wanted me to read those particular verses at that particular time....I love that feeling!!
Paul talks about how he's torn between 2, wanting to live and the other wanting to be with Christ in Heaven. Sometimes I feel the same way. I love my family, friends, and the many blessings God gives me....on the other hand, how amazing would it be to be in the presence of God!! No worries....just worshipping and spending time with Him for all eternity!! I know I'll be there someday...and I look forward to that the meantime I'll live my best for Him.
But, Paul also makes a good point. While we are here on this earth, we can be fruitful for Christ. We can let others see Him through us. That's what we are here to do. Sometimes I get caught up in all the other things I have going on in my life such as: being a mom, a wife, going to school, taking care of a household...that I forget what my main purpose is here on this earth. I wish things could slow down sometimes so we can do what we need to do for God...spend time with Him...learning what His word wants us to do. We have the power to do that! I think it just takes us prioritizing what's in our lives. God should be at the first of that list. He came here and died a criminal's death to save us! What an amazing gift! I know I'm going to try harder to let God know what He means to me....He is my All, my Protector, my Forgiver, my Shelter, and so much more. He is my Father!
Hope everyone has a wonderful night! Thank you for stopping by!
Stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:58


  1. We have been studying in Phill. too! Some very good words to meditate on in those chapters. It is so important in the craziness of life to take time just for God. I try and remind myself not to fit Him into my spare time, but to give hime my precious time. Great post.

  2. Thank you Darcie....I love how you said that...give him my precious time...not spare time. So true. Hope you have a great day!